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Infinity - Son of infinite 4/5

Reviewed: 3-2-07


1. Intro
2. Father of destiny
3. Live to ride
4. Follow your dreams
5. Infinity
6. Phoenix
7. Justice wind
8. Son between sun and earth
9. Power symphony
10. Destiny
11. You have to...

Infinity is a new Italian band and their debut 'Son of infinite' is the ultimate blast-to-the-past CD, as it's impossible for me to listen to it and not think of the best moments of Italian power metal from around the year 2000. The most comparable bands from that era are Sigma, Highlord, Projecto (now defunct), Shadows of Steel, Vision Divine, Morgana and Labyrinth, but at this moment in time, comparisons also apply to Seven Gates, Oracle Sun, Heavenblast and probably Athlantis and Soulblaze as well.

Vocally, Fabrizio "Oby" Girelli is of the high falsetto kind, in line with the vocalists (for the most part) of the aforementioned bands. He's probably most similar to Robert Bruccoleri of Projecto, and in fact, of all the bands I've mentioned thus far, Projecto (maybe because of the vocals) draws the best overall comparison.
Musically, expect a lot of speed, a good amount of keyboards and some very catchy guitar work. Actually, Infinity's guitarist is Fabrizio "Izio" Romani (who I believe formed the band) of the long-running and popular Skylark, so there's no lack of experience in that department.

'Son of infinite' has a really terrific start, as track 2 "Father of destiny" (which follows the short "Intro") has an awesome rhythm, both guitar and keyboard solos, and a memorable chorus. It's an upbeat song too, as is the even faster track 3 "Live to ride". Track 4 "Follow your dreams" is probably the highlight though, as it contains great guitar work and lots of excellent keyboard parts, including a solo from Eddy Antonini (Skylark) as a guest. Track 5 "Infinity" is of the uptempo variety and is quite speedy towards the end, but we then slow down for a wonderful piano-oriented ballad "Phoenix" as we hit the middle of the CD. When done so well, like this song, I'm a big fan of ballads.

Both track 7 "Justice wind" and track 8 "Son between sun and earth" are excellent fast-paced songs, and just like what we've heard thus far, the guitar work is fantastic, and both guitar and keyboard solos are present. Track 9 "Power symphony" is a long song that ranges from slow to fast, then the CD slows down considerably for the last 2 songs; track 10 "Destiny" is the slow/acoustic version of track 2 ("Father of destiny") and track 11 "You have to..." is a keyboard-filled slow song that ends the CD in dramatic fashion. Normally, I don't like it when a CD finishes with 2 slow songs, but the majority of the CD is full of speed (a more than satisfying amount) and both of the 2 slow songs are very good.

In addition to my praise thus far, there are a few things that help keep 'Son of infinite' at the high "excellent" level. For one, and simply put, the CD has a strong production. Secondly, there is not one weak song on the entire CD.
I'm sure it's well known that I have a soft spot for Italian power metal, but here's the bottom line: if you're disappointed that Sigma doesn't release enough CDs, you're sad because Projecto is no longer in existence, or you're upset because Labyrinth and Vision Divine have gone in more of a progressive direction... Infinity's 'Son of infinite' is the perfect remedy.




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