Infinity Overture - Kingdom of utopia 4/5

Reviewed: 2-1-10


1. Millenia
2. The great believers
3. Warrior king
4. Wonderland
5. Temple of doom
6. Kingdom of utopia
7. Queen of hearts
8. Oceans of time
9. Sacred fire
10. War cry

Infinity Overture is a new band from Denmark and 'Kingdom of utopia' is their full-length debut. Its style is symphonic power metal, but there are also some progressive parts and a few neo-classical segments as well. Though the band kinda has their own sound, I guess comparisons could be made to bands like Kyrie Eleison, Rhapsody of Fire, 7 Seals, Irencros, Sound Storm and Thy Majestie.

The first thing that stood out to me when I started spinning this CD is that Ian Perry is the vocalist, and he's of course known for his role in the now defunct band Elegy. Simply put, Ian sounds fantastic on this CD, and in my opinion, greatly increases the overall quality. There are some backing female vocals too, courtesy of Lene Petersen, who apparently has experience in other bands, but I'm not familiar with any of them. Anyway, she adds a nice touch to the CD, even though it's obvious that Ian is the star.

Probably the best way to describe this CD is that it's catchy, with a lot of mid-paced (sometimes galloping) songs, and enough hooks (both musically and vocally) to keep the CD rolling in an enjoyable manner. There's more than enough speed to satisfy, but not many slow moments. As previously mentioned, there is a progressive edge present at times, and especially because of Ian's vocals, I'm reminded of Elegy many times throughout. In addition, it's a consistently excellent CD, and I wouldn't label any of the songs weak.

So we've got another very strong new band here, and because this CD contains a somewhat wide variety of styles, it should appeal to a lot of metal fans. The aspect I like the most is definitely Ian's vocals, and I must admit that it's great to hear him again, as I really feel that Elegy's best CD was their final 'Principles of pain' and I've always wished they had continued their run. With this debut being such a promising start though, maybe I won't miss Elegy anymore.




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