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Infinight - Sea of knowledge 3/5

Reviewed: 9-26-08


1. The swarm
2. The downward spiral
3. The sleeper
4. Beyond reach
5. Sea of knowledge
6. Goodbye, cruel world
7. Final question
8. Labyrinth of lies
9. Gallery of dreams

I'm a bit late acquiring and reviewing Infinight's full-length debut 'Sea of knowledge', but I guess this is one of those situations where it's better late than never. The band was actually formed way back in 2001 and began as a cover band, though it wasn't long until they started writing their own material, which was about a year later (in 2002). A few years after that they self-released 'Sea of knowledge' (in 2005) and as I write this they are still active, getting set to release their 2nd full-length CD.

Infinight is a German band and they play a heavier style of power metal. Brainstorm is the band that first entered my mind as a comparison, but I would also add Spiral Tower, Black Abyss, Intense, Defending the Faith and maybe Hybrid to the list, though there's even a hint of Iced Earth, and a dash of Manticora and Rising Faith. I know there are plenty of fans of this heavier style of power metal, and Infinight could easily appeal to all of them.

'Sea of knowledge' has a strong start, as the opener "The swarm" has powerful guitar work and the mostly-clear voice of Martin Klein (who's occasionally rough) jumps out immediately. The following track 2 "The downward spiral" is definitely one of the best songs on the CD though, as it's extremely catchy, has a great chorus and a terrific guitar solo. Track 3 "The sleeper" and track 4 "Beyond reach" are good examples of a song that has portions of greatness, but doesn't come together as a whole and impress from start to finish. Track 5 "Sea of knowledge" is awesome however, as its pulverizing riffs hit you at the beginning and the end slows down just a bit, in a very memorable way.

Track 6 is another song that is good, but contains parts that are just okay, and like "The sleeper" and "Beyond reach", doesn't fully grab me. The slow track 7 "Final question" is a nice break from the heavier songs though, and track 8 "Labyrinth of lies" is fairly catchy and has a successful change of direction midway through. The closer "Gallery of dreams" is the longest song on the CD, varies in tempo, and is a thoroughly strong song, ending the CD on a high note.

Overall, 'Sea of knowledge' offers up both mid-paced and fast-paced songs (with a few slower moments) that are heavy enough and catchy enough that fans of this style of power metal really need to check it out. Personally, I'd call the CD a solid start, for sure, and I'm looking forward to their upcoming 2nd CD.




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