Imagika - My bloodied wings 3/5

Reviewed: 9-29-06


1. The tongue of nyx
2. Hunter's moon
3. Second coming
4. Throw the horns
5. Heart of Icarus
6. Weaken
7. The darkest of all secrets
8. Inhuman
9. One more day
10. Forever darkened
11. My bloodied wings

Imagine the magic of a second coming which melts the ice of earth. This is the evil rising of a forbidden new eden. I speak with the volte-face voice of prejudice and the tongue of nyx when I reveal the darkest of all secrets - Imagika continue to throw the horns and hail! I've escaped the court of confusion, my hexed heart of Icarus flies, absconds, and is forever darkenend at dawn during the saga of my blood deed waning and weakened. Stygian's dead-eye stare has me spellbound under the hunter's moon. I feign to act inhuman as I worship the devil on both sides of the conflict, in this last battle, for one more day.

The CD begins with a ripping opener, devouring all inner demons; continuing with the same line-up from their previous exertion of redemption. Again Normans skims, Matt Barlow's and highs; while echoing the distortion of Russ Anderson's twisted informalities. Longstay Steve Rice enriches his solos and thranging guitar gallops. Pat Tom's timing is pointing right back to the beginning of the Bay area sound. Female bassist Elena Luciano layers her picking and choosing death knell like Ms. Melanie Cisneros, formally of New Eden. Henry Morena's maniac drumming is bone crushing and caustic.

Once again Norman has writhed down all lyrics; exemplifying his inner-conflict of all desire and pain. His burnt offering horror, shows the eventual triumph of his passion in his prose. His metal anthem, "Throw the horns", evokes the mettle superlative and call to arms for all metal heads to unite. The dark embrace of "Weaken", or the "Inhuman" majesty of songs such as these clearly elucidate his ability to draw upon his darkest fears. The title track is a melancholy epic which serves as a befitting closer for this macabre act. Fans of Imagika will not be let down. If you are new to the band and celebrate the moribund dance of classic metal like Iced earth or the thrash technicality of Forbidden, embrace this precious life and spread your wings...




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