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Illusoria - Illusory world 3.5/5

Reviewed: 8-1-13


1. A clandestine lovestory
2. White light
3. 300 - Side by side
4. Icarus - Rise high
5. Ray of hope
6. Illusory world
7. Black sails
8. Snow white

Out of Germany, Illusoria present their full-length debut 'Illusory world', and with the CD's style being female fronted symphonic power metal, it couldn't be more suited to my tastes. The band was formed just recently in 2012, but while all of the members have experience in other bands, most of the bands haven't passed the demo/EP stage and none of them are familiar to me. So this is truly a new band, and an exciting one.

Vocally, they're fronted by the high-pitched Eve Kreuzer, and there are also some male "beast" vocals on occasion, yet not really enough to label them a "beauty and the beast" styled band. Instead, Eve steals the show with her somewhat unique and charismatic voice. While there are moments of gothic metal, the CD mostly belongs in the symphonic power metal category (think of Nightwish as a general comparison), and the band is successful at it too. It's a fun, upbeat and catchy CD with memorable choruses, though the slow track 5 "Ray of hope" is a nice break from the excitement. The only song that stands out in an unusual way is track 7 "Black sails", as it's a folky song that wouldn't be out of place on a Korpiklaani or Alestorm CD, and therefore it doesn't really fit with the rest of this CD, though it's still a good song.

The CD is fairly short (about 35 minutes), but the band is talented and they simply know how to write catchy songs, so I really hope we see a 2nd CD from them in the near future. In the meantime, surely grab this debut, as it's enjoyable and leaves a lasting impression.




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