Icarus Witch - Songs for the lost 4/5

Reviewed: 10-26-07


1. Out for blood
2. Written in the stars
3. The sky is falling
4. Nature of the beast
5. Mirror, mirror
6. Queen of lies
7. Devil's hour
8. House of usher
9. Afterlife
10. Smoke & mirrors

Icarus Witch, as inferred in titles of both their full length CDs, 'Capture the magic' and this successor 'Songs for the lost', does a magnificent job portraying the sweet spot of classic 80s independent metal, circa 1984-1987 Metal Blade, and in tone and execution can be compared to a sublime blend that is 2 parts Lizzy Borden and one part John Arch fronted Fates Warning (especially in the tone of the vocals), with a healthy homage to Iron Maiden over the top.

This comes together as very easy to listen to metal; it doesnít try for the fastest tempos or most histrionics, and its tight, effective songwriting and lyrics arenít going to capture the highest emotional moments in metal, but itís very, very good, and is almost like a long-forgotten comfort food for someone who worshiped at the above-described era as metalís high water point in an emotional context.

Itís more midtempo and upper midtempo than it is flat out fast, but the melody in the guitars are great, the bass provides a sensational backdrop for said guitar, and the production is sublime, perfectly portraying the style of metal on which theyíre focusing.

Those who enjoyed the prior CD will find almost nothing surprising or disappointing here. This may not be the absolute apex of American heavy metal, but itís very good, and is a great find for those who love the style of American melodic metal and want this slight contrast from the more typical European power metal sound.




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