Highland Glory - Forever endeavour 4/5

Reviewed: 12-2-05


1. Spirit of salvation
2. Break the silence
3. Edge of time
4. Mindgame masquerade
5. The sacrifice
6. Surreality
7. Forever endeavour
8. Real life
9. Somewhere
10. Demon of damnation
11. Wild child (bonus track)
12. Love gun (bonus track)
13. The trooper (bonus track)

Highland Glory is often thought of as a generic power metal band and they clearly have some elements that fit that description. The songwriting can be a little generic and samey and the band doesn’t vary off their chosen path too often. Highland Glory changes up a little on the standard formula somewhat, though, adding more keyboards than usual and having a singer who’s a little more throaty and powerful than is typical for power metal. In these ways, the band reminds me more of Dreamtale than the more typical Stratovarius power metal sound. The overall sound of the CD is very strong with excellent instrumental and vocal melodies, perfect production and excellent musicianship.

The CD opens with its strongest track, “Spirit of salvation” which begins with a very nice quiet piano with soft vocals before breaking out into standard power metal about half a minute in. This opening is extremely good and memorable. From there the CD continues in the style already described – strong, quality power metal with a stronger than normal emphasis on keyboards. The guitars are still the primary instrument, however. Other strong tracks include “Break the silence”, “Mindgame masquerade” and the title track. There are 2 nice ballads. The songwriting is consistent throughout with not a single throwaway track. Some, maybe all, versions of the CD have 3 bonus tracks, “Wild child” by WASP, “Love gun” by KISS and Iron Maiden’s “The trooper”. While 3 covers might be overdoing it, they are done well and bring the CD to a good ending.

Highland Glory’s music is very good. It is consistent, melodic and, thanks to the singer, is a touch more powerful than some power metal bands. The downfall, however, is it all melds together a little too much and songs can be difficult to differentiate from each other. There will certainly be times when this music isn’t really what the listener is looking for, but when he is wanting first class uplifting power metal, Highland Glory is as good a choice as any and better than most. This 2nd CD is better than their good debut and the band should move to the forefront of power metal.




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