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Heroik - Heart of battle 3/5

Reviewed: 11-1-10


1. Heroism
2. From my latest fall
3. Stormseeker
4. Goodbye my friend
5. Heart of battle
6. Chapter 1: Grief
7. We will fight
8. Lost world
9. Wings of time
10. Until the end

Out of Canada, Heroik reveals their self-released full-length debut 'Heart of battle'. As you can guess from the cover artwork, they're a power metal band and as I write this review, I haven't really seen anything about this CD throughout the Internet, so it's my pleasure to bring it to your attention.

Though definitely well embedded into power metal, the band is lightly symphonic (plus occasionally epic) and I wouldn't be surprised to see them tagged as "symphonic power metal" in the future. However, when compared to Rhapsody of Fire (for a quick example), their amount of symphonic elements aren't even close. Instead, Heroik seems to focus on catchy and very heavy guitars which will please many power metal fans. Actually, the guitars have a tone and bite to them that's not unlike what's heard from the popular and long-running band Virgin Steele.

Vocally, the band is led by Jordan Delage, who has a low voice that's a far distance away from the many high-pitched vocalists that dominate power metal, though there's no doubt that there are plenty of vocalists in power metal that have a low voice and Jordan can be added to the list. I personally consider him to be a decent vocalist, and I think he'll improve with some ripening and some more experience.

Consistency is what stands out the most about this CD. None of the songs are absolutely amazing, yet none of them are weak either. It's a solid CD in all areas and regarding every song. Direct overall band comparisons are slipping my mind, but I think they'll appeal to fans of everything from Heimdall, to Sound Storm, to Blind Guardian, to the previously mentioned Virgin Steele. Basically, if power metal is your thing, this debut is worth checking out.




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