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Heir of Destiny - A new day 1.5/5

Reviewed: 3-28-08


1. Solatium doloris
2. Brought thee orchids
3. Through the portrait's hold
4. Cursed
5. Fading sun
6. My religion
7. Keep trying
8. The end of my dreams
9. A new day
10. The man and the martyr
11. My eternal winter

Not a lot of power metal comes out of Canada, but here we have a new Canadian power metal band, Heir of Destiny, and their full-length debut entitled 'A new day'. They're obviously influenced by Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Twilightning and Supreme Majesty, so they're also comparable in style to new bands like Nightscape, Moonville, Cardiant and Citadel.

Unfortunately, Heir of Destiny isn't nearly as polished as these other bands and 'A new day' has an okay (at best) production, similar to the production values that plagued numerous Italian bands in the late-90s. A CD's production isn't everything of course, but Heir of Destiny also comes off as very amateurish, and the CD feels too simplistic and is unexciting. Let's face it, the aforementioned bands are full of excitement and excellent musicians, and while Heir of Destiny is trying, they're just not succeeding. In addition, the keyboards are at times out of place, too upfront in the mix, and they end up becoming distracting.

'A new day' still has a few decent songs, especially the somewhat memorable track 6 "My religion" (which contains the best chorus) and track 4 "Cursed", which has a nice melody line and a smooth rhythm. But even if you end up liking the musical side of the CD, vocalist Maxime Gagnon-Lamontagne has a very unusual voice, kind-of like Citadel's Petteri Urmas, who's vocal style and accent bring in thoughts of alternative/rock bands like Green Day.

Despite my negative words, I've actually listened to this just as much as other new releases I've had in rotation recently. But the thing is, there are floods of new bands and new releases right now, and one major goal of Metal CD Ratings has always been to help you guys/gals in deciding which CDs to purchase. So I won't call this a bad CD, but it's not recommended and definitely needs to fall in the "below average" catagory, as it's just not competitive for the style. In fact, I'd be surprised to see a 2nd CD from the band.




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