Heimdall - Hard as iron 3/5

Reviewed: 3-25-05


1. Hard as iron
2. Midnight
3. Moon-red light
4. Black tower
5. Cold
6. The emperor
7. Dark home
8. Black heaven
9. Holy night

This is an excellent follow-up to the glorious 'The almighty', the band's 3rd CD, which really turned the corner in terms of their overall quality, greatly improving, especially vocally, over the prior 2 admirably conceived, but not so well executed CDs. While this Italian band has keyboards present, the music is all much more direct and straight forward than the more symphonic bands mentioned herein, with all the music focusing on bass, drums, guitar, and vocals...with the mid-range production and that style it's rather reminiscent of the godly Stainless Steel, one of my favorite new bands of the last few years.

I love the vocalist, whose smooth, polished voice, conveying incredibly majestic pathos is like a blend of a good Italian metal vocalist with Danzig at his best, conveying great feeling while being, gasp, a bit original. The songwriting is strong and compelling, and rest not, despite the trend of some Italian bands, and the title which opens itself up to such possibilities, this remains true to their musical style and lyrical focus, and the title track is about the strength of meting out justice in the name of the Gods.




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