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Heavenfalls - Reality in chaos 3/5

Reviewed: 10-13-06


1. No sorrow
2. Fly high away
3. Masquerade down
4. Through the ruins
5. H.W.L.
6. Self to self
7. New reality
8. Conception
9. First breath
10. Growing again
11. Awakening
12. Evolution
13. Go away (bonus track)

Brazilian band Heavenfalls already has a full-length debut 'Ethereal dreams' from a few years back, but I'm fairly certain they're among the unknown bands that may appeal to a good amount of power metal fans. In the same style as the debut, Heavenfalls' 2nd CD 'Reality in chaos' is female fronted power metal in line with other female fronted power metal bands like Seven Angels, Thalion and Fading Starlight. But there are some occasional musical parts in the progressive direction too, so slight comparisons can be made to Headline, Syrens Call and even Ebony Ark. In fact, vocalist Sabrina Carrion reminds me a lot of Beatriz Albert of Ebony Ark, so fans of that band are urged to give Heavenfalls a listen.

Though I've had 'Ethereal dreams' for a few years, it's always been a CD I would simply call "average". With 'Reality in chaos', the band has improved a great deal. The CD flows much better and there's a good song variety as well. There are songs with speed; track 3 "Masquerade down", track 5 "H.W.L." and track 12 "Evolution" for quick examples. Slower songs; the atmospheric track 6 "Self to self", the instrumental track 8 "Conception" and track 11 "Awakening" (which is a solid ballad). As well as songs in between; track 4 "Through the ruins" and track 10 "Growing again". Although there are no songs that amaze me, track 2 "Fly high away" and the bonus track "Go away" could surely be considered highlights.

So we have a band that's improved since their debut and one that's capable of providing some excellent material in the future. Nothing on 'Reality in chaos' comes close to blowing me away, but it's a consistently "above average" CD that's recommended if you're into bands like Thalion or (in a different direction) bands like Syrens Call.




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