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Heavenfall (Ita) - Falling from heaven 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-1-12


1. Let the feathers fall
2. Hey, Mr. Businessman!
3. Jester hat
4. Wind of liberty
5. Hellrider
6. Not easy
7. Fuel for my rage
8. 1939
9. Pathetic wanderer
10. Flatline

From the land of obscurity comes the self-released debut 'Falling from heaven' from heavy/power metal band Heavenfall. While I'm a bit worried that the plain-colored cover artwork (which I actually like) won't grab the attention of those who regularly visit Metal CD Ratings, if you were lucky enough to enter this review, it was probably a great decision, as this CD will appeal to many of the site's readers...

While the band's base style is somewhere between heavy metal and power metal, there's a traditional edge present, and the overall style of this band is not unlike what's heard from other new bands like Katana, Steelwing, Enforcer, Gallows End, Alpha Tiger, and also veterans Wolf. In addition, there's some heaviness with hints of bands like Winterfell, Sencirow, Iced Earth, Exiled, Stormrider, Edge of Thorns, and certainly many others. Basically, this CD could easily interest a lot of heavy/power metal fans.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Dest (with no last name given), and he's probably going to be what pulls you in or pushes you away from this CD. He's a powerful vocalist, no doubt, as he's in the low range a lot, and also reaches high-pitched screams. His wide-ranged voice is kinda like what's heard from Stu Block's performance on Iced Earth's latest CD 'Dystopia', though Dest's high-pitched screams are a lot more frequent, and for me personally, aren't as enjoyable as when he's in the lower range.

Musically, this CD is absolutely killer and at the level of the other bands mentioned as comparisons. The pace is awesome, the many guitar solos are amazing, and every song is of the highest quality. As for production, avoid your thoughts of what you're expecting based on the somewhat homemade-looking cover artwork and know that the production is stunningly fantastic, and in line with what we normally get from some of the popular bands like Iced Earth.

Bluntly, and to simplify my rating for you, I'd give this about a 4/5 for the music and about a 3/5 for the vocals - thus reaching the 3.5/5 rating. The thing is, I'm not a big fan of bands with high-pitched screaming vocals (Judas Priest, Primal Fear, etc.), but if you are, this CD is going to be a tremendous discovery. In fact, I flat-out guarantee that some of my colleague's would give this CD a 4/5 at least, and possibly even the rarely given 4.5/5 rating. So please do yourself a favor and check out samples of this CD right away, as this is one of those bands that could shock many metal fans.




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