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Hateseed - Hate comes crawling 3/5

Reviewed: 6-1-12


1. Spirits of the sea
2. One thousand deaths
3. Exile
4. Fire in the sky
5. The horizon
6. The curse
7. Ammat (Devourer of souls)
8. My hate

Hateseed is a new power metal band from Poland, and 'Hate comes crawling' is their full-length debut. Not a lot of heavy/power metal comes out of Poland, but there are a few bands worth mentioning; the established band Crystal Viper, the Polish-language band Monstrum, and the new band Pathfinder. There are certainly other bands, but those stick out the most to me currently.

While the CD's main style is power metal, there are some somewhat thrashy parts, and there's also a traditional edge, bringing the band Ilium to mind, though you'll hear similarities to a lot of bands, as the CD does hit most sides of heavy/power metal. With exception of the intro "Spirits of the sea" (which I like a lot), there are no keys. Rhythm and lead guitar work are definitely the band's focus and strong point. There are 2 guitarists, Kamil Janulewicz and Łukasz Szostak, and both do a great job. In fact, the lead guitar work is on par with most other power metal bands out there.

The vocals are handled by guitarist Łukasz, and his voice is of the rough/raspy type, similar to Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian/Demons & Wizards) and Jens Carlsson (Persuader/Savage Circus). There's no doubt that Łukasz isn't at the quality level of Hansi and Jens yet, but the effort is present, and those who aren't too picky about heavy/power metal (and especially thrash) vocalists should be fine with his performance. Plus, the production is fairly raw (in all areas) and he'll surely improve with experience.

In the end, I've found myself liking this CD, especially the guitar work. I consider it to be solid, and since it's just their debut, I think it's a good start and I know there will be power metal fans out there who would dig it.




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