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Guiltys Law - Total insanity 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-23-09


1. Into the abyss
2. Crusader
3. Rebirth
4. Generation struck
5. Deadly man
6. Behind the mask
7. Total insanity
8. Judgement day
9. Silent scream
10. Journey beyond the time
11. Conflict called evolution

Guiltys Law is a Japanese power metal band that was formed way back in the 90s, but they've gone through numerous line-up changes over the years and it wasn't until earlier in the decade that they recorded a few demos, and now they finally bring us their full-length debut 'Total insanity'. Just like a lot of other great Japanese CDs I've acquired lately, this debut is released through the Japanese label Black-Listed Productions, who's also responsible for Inspire's 'Alive', which is one of my favorite CDs this year.

What you can expect from Guiltys Law is power metal in its purest form. There are no keys, and the band features 2 lead/rhythm guitarists (Tomochika Takasawa and Takashi Iwahara). Both guitarists are strong too, offering up some catchy rhythms, terrific lead work, and plenty of screaming solos. The pace is upbeat and exciting, with tons of speed and a few mid-paced/bouncy moments as well, to provide a bit of variety. Band comparisons for Guiltys Law are kinda pointless, as simply put, the band will appeal to major power metal fans, whether they're generally a fan of Japanese bands or not.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Kunihiko Saitoh, who has a slight accent but a clear and high-pitched voice, quite typical of a power metal vocalist. There are a lot of backing vocals, especially with the choruses, which is definitely a focus of the band. The sing-a-long choruses actually make this an enjoyable and fairly memorable CD, and considering there are frequent guitar solos that pop up, this is very far away from being a boring CD. It's also a CD that's without a weak song, but at the same time, none of them totally knock me off my feet (though a bunch of the songs are excellent).

This one's simple folks - if you're still a big fan of pure power metal excitement, surely pick this debut up. But if you're looking for some originality or diversity, you won't find it here. Being a huge power metal fan, I'm personally digging it a lot and I hope the band can maintain their line-up and release a follow-up in the near future.




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