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Ghost Machinery - Haunting remains 4/5

Reviewed: 7-1-05


1. World of unbelievers
2. Blinded eyes
3. Temples of gold
4. Evil within us
5. Down in flames
6. Dreamworld
7. From the edge of the world
8. Darkest hour
9. Fallen angels
10. Heaven or hell
11. In your (evil) dreams
12. Out in the fields
13. Shadows

I've really been looking forward to this release. Both Burning Point CDs get regular spins, and Ghost Machinery was created by the vocalist/guitarist (Pete Ahonen) of the melodic power metal band Burning Point. I guess he felt that he had more ideas to express, and I would agree, as the CD sounds quite fresh, not really like a side-project. There aren't a whole lot of differences between the 2 bands however; both bands are very melodic and not one is heavier or faster really, but I do hear a large difference with the keyboards. There are a good amount of (very well done) keyboards with Ghost Machinery, and I don't believe there are any keyboards with Burning Point. Ghost Machinery is definitely a guitar oriented band though (with tons of well played guitar solos!), as the keyboards are simply an added element. Vocally, Pete has a spectacular voice, often times reminding me of Tim Benz from Headstone Epitaph, and actually, Ghost Machinery could be compared musically to Headstone Epitaph as well. But once again, Ghost Machinery has the keyboard element, and Headstone Epitaph does not.

There's definitely an experienced and mature sound with Ghost Machinery, not what we'd normally hear from a debut. The extremely catchy track 2 "Blinded eyes" is a great example of a very well written song, and track 5 "Down in flames" and track 8 "Darkest hour" (both highlighted by excellent guitar solos) are outstanding! There are plenty of fast-paced songs, track 4 "Evil within us", track 7 "From the edge of the world" and track 10 "Heaven or hell" being the best examples. Track 6 "Dreamworld" is an emotional power ballad that reminds me of the hard rock days of the 80s, and the final track "Shadows" has me wondering how they pulled off a lengthy CD (clocking in at over 60 minutes and containing 13 tracks) without losing my interest for even a moment.

'Haunting remains' is every bit as good as either Burning Point CD, as well as either CD by the comparable Headstone Epitaph. The added keyboards make for a more interesting CD in my mind (though some will surely disagree), and this added element just might be the reason Ghost Machinery was created. But whatever the reason, I'm glad the creation has occurred, as this is a CD that ends up being a must for melodic power metal fans, especially those familiar with Burning Point.




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