Game Over - For humanity 3.5/5

Reviewed: 4-1-12


1. Abyss of a needle
2. Dawn of the dead
3. Mountains of madness
4. War of nations
5. Overgrill (El grillador loco)
6. N.S.A.
7. Bleeding green
8. Another dose of thrash
9. Evil clutch
10. Tupa tupa or die

I am grateful that there is such a surprising uprising and influx of quality novel acts paying tribute to the old-school 80s era of classic thrash. Lately, these skullcrushing souls of tact just keep permeating and penetrating the walls of chaos, swirling with madness in the mettle milieu.

Bands from Brazil like Bywar or Angelus Apatrida, or newer acts like Eradicator from Germany are rising to the challenge, and with the return of Exumer, there is no doubt that thrash is back, a theme which the Italian act Game Over echo as they live, suffer, and die for all things metal.

Perhaps named after the debut by Nuclear Assault, 'For humanity' is another healthy dose of thrash, clearly channeling the early works of Metallica, Sacred Reich, Overkill, Forbidden, Whiplash and Testament. With alacrity, speed, conviction, and strength, as well as a sense of humour, these Italians continue a tradition which their other countrymen like Hyades, Amethyst, Brain Dead, Raising Fear, or Spidkilz, are revitalizing.

All songs save the 27-second blip "N.S.A." ("P.S.A.", anyone) are replete with hyper-intense riffing by Sanso clutching the evil perverse strings, while Ziro thus huddles around the neck, picking frantically allowing for each lick to bleed greedily, while each one solos sedulously.

Renato "Reno" Chiccoli's vocal delivery is crisp with his thick accent needling your noggin' as he shouts "Dawn of the dead". The spillage of beer pressure is felt with the alcoholic anthem "Overgrill", which may pay homage to Tankard, Municipal Waste, or even "Beer bong" by Atrophy, but comes off reminding me more of Gang Green or Murphy's Law.

Your heart may feel blackened by the green halcyon effect of the environmentally conscious "Bleeding green", or the never silent "War of nations" may leave you with a bated, bellicose breath, but once you succumb to the "Evil clutch", you will be left conjuring the Evildead.

If you savour speed, and you want your thrash fast, F.U.N., and full of daunting, motor mounting metal merriment, then 'For humanity' is for you, if you survive!




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