Galneryus - The flag of punishment 4/5

Reviewed: 7-28-06


1. Meditation for the saga
2. Struggle for the freedom flag
3. Beyond of the ground
4. In the delight
5. Rebel flag
6. Requiem
7. Holding the broken wings
8. Child of free
9. Final resolution
10. The garden of the goddess
11. United flag

The rebel flag of hate and punishment flies high over the land of the rising sun. Osaka's own final resolution is now reached in their innate struggle for freedom. This deeply affectionate debut release 'The flag of punishment' of the glorious aggressor, the gallant Galneryus, resonates with mighty steel, burning the mettle hearts of all power metal minions. In the delight of slaying those souls in the heart of the storm; now lost in the distant event horizon, Galneryus rises to reign. They claim their crown of ages with their incredible loudness and earthshaking thunder from the east. I'm galvanized by the guitar virtuoso Syu and keyboardist Yuhki along with vocalist Yama-B, all who easily open new opportunities, aiming high and offering up the next generation less grief of war and perdition.

Galneryus are an obscure band, and their CDs are difficult to procure. Even their website is primarily in Japanese. As I have very little information for them, other than what I've discovered from the internet, I will just focus on the music which is top notch. The CD, which I believe to be conceptual in nature, deals with a post-war torn society now being oppressed by an evil warlord. Here a small band of rebels have risen up prepared to regain their dignity, while flying the flag of freedom. The CD commences with an overture and narration which sort of explains the thematic context of the saga. It's very difficult to decipher Yama-B's vocals given his thick accent; but he does sing in a very clear manner reminiscient of Daniel Heiman of Lost Horizon/Heed. Actuallly, the muscle and music on this CD is quite fast and aggressive like Lost Horizon's debut. I also detect a homage to classic Loudness as Yama-B also does his best Minoru Nihara impression on tracks like "Child of fire" and "The Final resolution". Syu also charismatically channels the devil soldier of fortune - Akira Takasaki, grasping the tusk of the jaguar while on the prowl for licks, and breaking the heavy chains of disillusion with all satisfaction guaranteed. Yuhki's keyboard arrangements echo the force and rampage of appreciation found in Vadim's dragon flame of youth mixed and mangled with Jan Warmen's mentality for accepting the fact of hate.

The first 4 tracks on this epic are real burners, blazing beyond the ground and pound cache. The melodies of ancient rage and rancour are quite infectious, and overall this is an awesome CD. "Requiem" is an instrumental, providing a break in the speed and the last track with its very familiar melody, is a bit slower and more epic; but essentially this creates balance and breath for the CD which is thoroughly entertaining. Galneryus' 2nd offering 'Advance to the fall' is stellar as well, leaving me no eternal regret. They will soon be enticing fans with a new 3rd CD called 'Beyond the end of despair', so my quiet wish is to hear that and hopefully write another promising review.




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