Antonini, Eddy - When water became ice 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-30-05


1. J.S. Bach
2. Sun (keeper of the dreams)
3. Twilight
4. Dream
5. Fear of the moon
6. The crypt of Montmartre: The valley/The crypt
7. Rufus
8. Andromeda
9. Shooting star/I want out
10. When water became ice
11. J.S. Bach

Eddy Antonini is the keyboard player and songwriter for the excellent neo–classical metal band, Skylark. Skylark's 2 CDs before this 1998 solo CD had great songwriting, but poor production. This solo CD takes the great songwriting and combines it with better sound than on the first 2 Skylark CDs, creating a CD that sounds better, but still doesn’t sound as good as it could. As with Skylark, though, the songwriting carries the day and is good enough to overcome the below average, but no longer horrible, production.

Every song on this CD is good, but some really stand out. "Sun", the first track after a short opening instrumental, is a dynamic opening track followed by the heavy "Twilight" and the beautiful, soft "Dream". Another great track, a remake of a Skylark tune, "Fear of the moon", is next. The 14 minute "The crypt of Montmartre" is good, but is the low point of the entire CD. "Rufus", which will later be found on Skylark’s 'The princess' day', is very good, followed by a great piano solo. 2 remakes follow: "Shooting star" (not the Bad Company track, this track is previously unknown to me) is an excellent song. That leads right into the Kai Hansen–written Helloween track "I want out”. The last track with vocals is the title track which is excellent and dynamic. In addition to the songwriting, the singing on this CD sounds just like Skylark as the vocals are split between Skylark’s singer and another singer who has a very similar voice. The CD ends on a fairly boring note with an instrumental of a Bach suite that is quiet and not overly interesting.

This CD should really be considered to be a Skylark CD as the main ingredients of Skylark are on this CD. Additionally, 2 of the tracks here are also found on Skylark CDs. Although this isn’t quite as good as some of what Antonini will do with Skylark in the years that follow, this is an excellent CD in its own right. 'When water became ice' features excellent songwriting with a few moments of brilliance and a solid performance, despite a mediocre production. Antonini is simply an excellent songwriter and when you have excellent songs it is difficult to screw up a CD. Antonini has made a very solid CD, the only real question is why it doesn’t have the name Skylark on it.




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