Dungeon (Aus) - One step beyond 3/5

Reviewed: 4-1-05


1. The power within
2. Tarranno del mar
3. One step beyond
4. Against the wind
5. The art of war
6. The hunger
7. Surface tension
8. Under the cross
9. Epilogue

'One step beyond' is Dungeon’s 3rd release of new material although they have several other CDs of live tracks, demos and other such material. They are an Australian power metal band that plays pure power metal with a very nice combination of smooth songwriting and a rawness that keeps it from sounding overproduced. They occasionally show their influences but mostly mold them together into their own sound.

"The power within" is a great opener to the CD, a nice speedy verse with a slightly slowed down and very melodic chorus. The 2nd track has a similar structure and the chorus of this track is very, very similar to the last full-length track, "Under the cross". I’m not sure if this was done intentionally but while each track is very good, this similarity takes away from the CD just a little bit. The title track’s melody has an uncanny similarity to the band Mob Rules. “Against the wind” and “The act of war” are solid tracks that don’t quite match up to the others but are still good. The pace slows a little for a power balled “The hunger”, which precedes “Surface tension” which falls into the 2nd group of quality for the band.

This is a quality release for the band. Power metal, melodies and excellent performances are found from start to finish. The CD suffers a little from a sameness sound, it's sometimes difficult to determine which track is which as they aren’t overly unique or distinguishable from each other. But 'One step beyond' is a fine, fine CD that clearly belongs in any power metal collection.




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