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Dreamstoria - s/t 4/5

Reviewed: 2-1-13


1. Burning love
2. Go!
3. Nightless night
4. Goddess in my eyes
5. Ride on time
6. Another way
7. On and on
8. Listen to my heart
9. Never ever say goodbye
10. Fly away

Out of Japan, Dreamstoria quickly unveils their 's/t' full-length debut. The band was surprisingly formed less than a year ago (early 2012), but they've already produced this fantastic CD. While the band only has 3 members, from what I can gather, they have a lot of experience in power metal bands (some of which I'm familiar with), and my best guess is that these guys wanted to do something different. The CD truly is different than anything I've heard from Japan, as it's a pure melodic metal CD that sounds like it's from Finland, not Japan. Think of a blend of Altaria, Leverage and Kotipelto, and you'll envision Dreamstoria.

Vocalist Leo Figaro offers up accented English lyrics, and his somewhat high-pitched yet clear voice is perfect for the style. There are a lot of backing vocals too, mostly during the choruses, which are all very memorable. The songs are mid-paced yet upbeat, extremely well written, and a lot of fun. It's obvious that these are experienced musicians with terrific songwriting skills, and the entire CD is filled with passionate music. Expect simple yet catchy rhythms, plenty of keys, and some spectacular guitar solos - some of which wouldn't be out of place on a Galneryus CD.

This CD is like a burst of energy from Japan, and I totally dig each and every song. My favorite is the closer "Fly away" though, as it's extremely memorable and always leaves me wanting more as it ends the CD with its soaring chorus. One thing I've realized while listening to this for a few months is that there hasn't been a lot of CDs of this style (and high quality) recently, and perhaps that's the biggest reason why I like this so much. Regardless, this is a fantastic CD for fans of pure melodic metal and the mentioned band comparisons, and hopefully some of you will find it to be as enjoyable as I do.




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