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Dreamer - Bait suci 3.5/5

Reviewed: 1-9-09


1. Intro
2. Bait suci
3. Keabadian
4. Mimpi yang hilang
5. Kala
6. Daku dunia
7. Dreamer
8. Ilusi
9. Karbala (bonus track)

Dreamer's full-length debut 'Bait suci' is my first experience with an Indonesian-language band. As many of you know, unless it's a Russian-language CD, I don't usually purchase CDs that are non-English language, but after learning that Dreamer was a female fronted symphonic power metal band, I just had to pick this up, as there's no doubt that's my favorite style right now.

Dreamer is fronted by the very impressive Rika Rahayu, who's of the soprano (though not too operatic) type, and her vocals are definitely one of the strongest aspects of this CD. Musically, we get pretty straightforward symphonic power metal (with a slight gothic edge at times), and most of the songs are of the mid-paced/bouncy variety, but there are some flashes of speed as well. Overall band comparisons for Dreamer are obvious, and they would be the long list that contains Visions of Atlantis, Arya, Nightwish, Legenda Aurea, Rosa Ignea, Leaves' Eyes, Edenbridge, Luna Aeterna and so on. I think Dreamer is competitive with this list too, especially considering that 'Bait suci' is their debut and it's not like they're from a country that floods us with metal.

The CD starts out with a typical "Intro", and track 2 "Bait suci" through track 5 "Kala" are all very good and of the mid-paced/bouncy variety (with flashes of speed) previously mentioned. The 2nd half of the CD is different, but the quality remains. Firstly, track 6 "Daku dunia" and track 8 "Ilusi" are both slow songs. "Daku dunia", which is great, is an emotional song that gradually picks up in pace, but never really becomes more than a slow-paced song. I really like the dramatic "Ilusi", which is piano oriented and Rika's vocals are truly passionate. The other difference with the 2nd half of the CD is that the closer "Karbala" has male "beast" vocals, making it different than any other song on the CD. It's a strong song though, and the "beast" vocals are well done. Plus, it's a bonus track, so it's not surprising that it's a bit different than the rest of the CD.

So we have another new female fronted symphonic power metal band for fans of the style who are willing to try the Indonesian language. For me, I've found that while the CD is typical of the style in many ways, it has a slightly unique flavor that makes it stand out.




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