Dragonforce - Inhumane rampage 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-30-05


1. Through the fire and flames
2. Revolution deathsquad
3. Storming the burning fields
4. Operation ground and pound
5. Body breakdown
6. Cry for eternity
7. The flame of youth
8. Trail of broken hearts

Similar in style and sound to the previous 2 Dragonforce CDs, 'Inhuman rampage' is melodic metal on speed. A fast shredfest with good vocal melodies along for the ride. Dragonforce is a band that knew the sound they wanted when they made their first CD and they havenít let up from that in the years since. The thing about this band which grabs the listener is that while they are so speedy almost all the time, they are able to stay melodic throughout and rarely sound cheesy.

There is little new or different, better or worse, about this CD than the previous 2 from the band. In fact, if you already have one, or both, you should stop reading now and either buy this CD or not based on whether you like the previous CDs enough to get another one. While it can be a little irritating when a band repeats itself too much, there are many examples of bands changing their style and their fans being disappointed and wanting more of the same from previous CDs, so creating a repeat performance isnít a problem from this viewpoint. There really arenít any standout tracks on this CD in either a good or bad way. All the tracks except one are very fast, reasonably melodic and a little overly drawn out with the average track length being 7 minutes. This length will probably bore some listeners but it does give the band the chance to stretch themselves out a little as they are capable of throwing a couple of killer solos into any given track. The one exception to the speediness is the very good final track "Trail of broken hearts", which is a nice ballad.

This CD is much the same as the previous CDs from the band. One ballad and the rest of the CD is super fast with excellent playing, great production and a very natural melodic feel. None of the tracks are jaw droppingly great, but the CD is very consistent and very good. The singer has a fairly high voice that is well suited to the music, but is not screechy or squeaky. Although the guitar is clearly the lead instrument there are some excellent keyboard pieces also. This is a very good CD for listeners who like a lot, and I mean a lot, of speed in their music and donít mind the music having a similar feel from start to finish and everywhere in between.




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