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Dignity - Project destiny 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-19-08


1. Project destiny
2. Arrogance and rapture
3. Cry in despair
4. Dreams never die
5. Icarus
6. Inner circles sympathy
7. The edge of the blade
8. Inner demons
9. Don't pay the ferryman

Dignity is a new band from Austria that was formed by Roland Navratil, the long-time drummer for Edenbridge (also from Austria), but Roland is no longer with Edenbridge, so Dignity and this full-length debut 'Project destiny' are the mark of a fresh start. The remainder of the band members also have experience in other bands, including guitarist Martin Mayr (who was also in Edenbridge at a time), but the member that sticks out the most is vocalist Jake E, who's also the vocalist for the Swedish band Dreamland. For those who haven't heard Dreamland, know that Jake has a very clear voice and he's comparable to Joakim Olsson of Supreme Majesty.

While Dignity contains some musical similarities to Edenbridge, as there is some orchestration, they're not really in the symphonic direction. Instead, Dignity is a slick melodic/power metal band with an AOR edge at times. In fact, their label (Napalm Records) has even advertised the band as being for fans of bands like Europe and TNT. Personally, I think Dignity leans mostly towards power metal, and there aren't songs that I feel are too light or too soft. The band is definitely of the smooth, polished and melodic type, but the CD is still heavy enough to satisfy.

My favorite song on the CD is track 4 "Dreams never die", a galloping and extremely catchy song that will surely be the highlight for many metal fans, not just me. The entire CD is enjoyable though, and I don't have anything negative to say about it, especially for fans of bands like Supreme Majesty, Edguy, Stratovarius, Altaria, Moonville, Powerworld, Kotipelto, Ari Koivunen, Thunderstone, Saidian and maybe Power Quest. However, if you're looking for tons of speed and something that's aggressive, 'Project destiny' isn't it.




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