Devon - Unreal 3/5

Reviewed: 12-1-13


1. Crash of reality
2. Streets ainīt the same
3. Turning
4. Call the brothers
5. The sunset rider
6. Forgetting you
7. The sentence
8. Running out of luck
9. Face myself
10. On the road
11. Innocence degrees

Devon is a Brazilian power metal band that was formed in 2008 and 'Unreal' is their full-length debut, which was released in the middle of 2012. The band consists of 6 members, including 2 guitarists (Rafael Greco and Breno Viana), and their vocalist is Alex Gardini, who does a good job and is quite typical of a Brazilian power metal vocalist - containing an accented yet clear voice, and he should satisfy those who regularly follow Brazilian power metal.

For general comparisons (both musically and vocally), there are certainly many, but the ones that stand out the most to me are Angra, Endless, Age of Artemis, Shaman and Hangar. Just like some of these bands, Devon offers up a few progressive elements, and there are also 2 nicely done acoustic-style ballads - track 6 "Forgetting you" and the closer "Innocence degrees". I really enjoy both and they're kinda the highlights on the CD for me.

This has been a CD that didn't immediately grab me, as the songs with speed don't have a lot of hooks and it's the ballads that I've found to be the most memorable, which probably shouldn't be the case. Therefore, many power metal fans will probably give this a quick a listen (it's a short CD at only 40 minutes) and then set it aside. I will say that it has grown on me a bit though, so for those who are die-hard fans of Brazilian power metal, surely give this a chance.




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