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Destynation - Rising up 3.5/5

Reviewed: 9-8-06


1. Shadowgate
2. Evil tonight
3. Back from the dark
4. Freedom
5. Rising up
6. Threshold of pain
7. The shadows remain
8. The tears I cry
9. Book of doom
10. Spirits
11. Signs
12. Resign in flames

Destynation is a band from Sweden that was originally formed under the name Eternia. With this previous name, they released a full-length debut titled 'Tales of power' - a rare CD that took me a few years to find. Supposedly, they changed their name because they wanted to go in a different musical direction. 'Tales of power' is a CD of pure power metal right in the center of the genre, and is recommended to power metal fans.

Now as Destynation, the band has released 'Rising up', which contains a sound that is both simple and involved at the same time. I hear a blend of 3 different, what I'll call, groups: Firstly, I hear the heavy metal style of Dream Evil, Firewind and Kinrick, but Destynation isn't quite as crunchy as these bands. Secondly, the slick power metal style of Edguy, Supreme Majesty and the recently introduced Moonville is incorporated. Finally, there's an influence from heavy/power metal bands like Hammerfall, Dreamland, Full Strike and Cans. As far as vocals, Anders Haggkvist sounds exactly like Joakim Olsson of Supreme Majesty. Their (crystal clear) voices are so close in fact, I thought it was Joakim singing until I checked the booklet!

As for the quality, Destynation offers up a solid collection of songs, nicely mixes up the pace between fast and crunchy, and the CD flows very well. Some keyboards are present, but they're barely noticable so don't expect Sonata Arctica or (at a different side of the genre) Skylark, as the band really stays true to the heavy/power metal sound described above. A few songs are just alright, but the band's outstanding songwriting skills lead to a high number of catchy songs with terrific choruses. No ballads are present, but I would have liked one on this CD, as Anders voice is perfect for one of those songs I can listen to with the wife (as she dislikes everything heavy... hehehe).

In addition to my positive words thus far, the production on 'Rising up' is excellent and Destynation really does have all the ingredients in place. My only complaint would be that even though the music is derived from 3 different groups (or styles), the sound remains quite familiar. Still, regardless of any lack of originality, great songs are just that, great songs. Recommended!




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