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Destiny Calling - s/t 3/5

Reviewed: 4-25-08


1. The key
2. Dreaming in digital
3. Forever yours
4. The mists of avalon
5. Under your spell
6. Ground zero

Not too long after reviewing the debut 'A new day' from Canadian band Heir of Destiny, I've got another debut from Canada. This time it's Destiny Calling ("destiny" must be a popular word in Canada) and their 's/t' debut. I wasn't impressed with 'A new day', but Destiny Calling has managed to provide a much more enjoyable CD. Just like Heir of Destiny, they play power metal in the style of Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius, but with influences from Italian bands like Labyrinth, Wonderland and Vision Divine.

The band is made up of only 2 members; Kevin Kurek takes care of the guitars and bass, while Jeremy Jackson handles the drums. Both share keyboard duties as well, and they grabbed Christopher Barran to record the CD's vocals. It's a good thing I checked the booklet to get this information, because I actually listened to this CD for 2 full weeks thinking the band was female fronted! I'm not kidding here... Christopher really sounds like a chick, and those of you who are familiar with Wonderland's extra-special vocalist (in my mind) Alexx Hall, you know the type of vocalist I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, this 's/t' debut is very short, and only offers up 6 tracks. Quality is better than quantity however, and I actually think 5 of the songs are great, leaving the final "Ground zero" as the only average song. The first 5 songs are very exciting, with catchy yet simple guitar work, cool keyboard parts, good clear vocals, nice choruses, and overall they diplay solid songwriting. "Ground zero" on the other hand, has a boring pace, a hard rock-like chorus, and isn't very cohesive with the rest of the CD. Still, this is an above average and fun listen overall, even though it greatly lacks originality and doesn't have a strong ending.

What's unfortunate is, to my knowledge, this small band has already decided to split up and go seperate ways. Having opened for both Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica in concert, this is a bit surprising. They would have had a fan-base too, as they really do mirror the popular Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica, and (as indicated in this review) they're talented musicians that have the songwriting skills. So we end up with a debut that's left in the dust from a one-and-done band, but it's still a worthwhile purchase for power metal fans.




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