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Desert Sin - The edge of horizon 3.5/5

Reviewed: 5-8-09


1. Shadow queen
2. Temple of the shadow
3. The summoner
4. Ice and fire
5. Edge of horizon
6. Tears in a prophet's dream
7. Heal my soul
8. Pharao
9. Gothic
10. The enemy
11. Curse of Mamulon

Desert Sin is a band from Austria that was formed in 2000, but under the name Sick-U-R and it wasn't until 2008 that they changed their name. 'The edge of horizon' is their full-length debut under the new name and it's been released through Pure Steel Records.

The band's style is heavy metal that's sometimes basic and sometimes melodic, but there are very few passages into power metal and there's not a tremendous amount of speed. They remind me a lot of Dream Master, Jacobs Dream and Clairvoyants, though there are moments where Machine Men comes to mind, and there's also plenty of influence from Bruce Dickinson, regarding both his solo material and his times with Iron Maiden. The riffs are quite thick, and almost contain a raw or even muddy sound. I actually wish the guitar work was clearer, but the sound is similar to that of other heavy metal bands, so it's not a big deal.

Vocally, Sandro Holzer (who's also one of the guitarists, along with Stefan Entner) is comparable to Bruce Dickinson and the vocalists from the other mentioned bands, but he's slightly rougher at times and is also very high-pitched on occasion. Overall, he does a fine job and his level of quality matches the quality of the music, both of which hover around a solid to very good level.

There aren't any songs on 'The edge of horizon' that I don't like, but at the same time, nothing totally impresses me, as we've all heard numerous CDs like this before and it's not as memorable as the best CDs from Machine Men, Jacobs Dream, Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden. Still, I think it's a worthwhile purchase for heavy metal fans.




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