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Delirion - Silent symphony 3.5/5

Reviewed: 10-23-09


1. Rising sun
2. Silent symphony
3. Behind the fog
4. Return to serenity
5. Life through a broken mirror
6. The light of your eyes
7. Interlude
8. Take me away
9. Delirion
10. I lose control
11. Save my soul

Surprisingly from Spain, Delirion and their full-length debut 'Silent symphony' is fresh off the press, and since it's released through Spiritual Beast, will be a CD that's fairly easy to grab. I say "surprisingly from Spain" because the band greatly mirrors what's heard from a typical Italian power metal band. You know, the group that includes bands like Heavenblast, Sigma, Etherna, Vision Divine, Athlantis, Projecto, Odyssea, Highlord, Labyrinth, Morgana, Soulblaze, Arthemis, Seven Gates, Infinity, Shadows of Steel and so on.

Now that you've got the Italian power metal style in your head, you get what you expect with this debut - lots of keys (which are very well done by keyboardist Ana de Miguel), an onslaught of speed (with lots of double-bass drumming), and it's also lightly symphonic. Most of the songs are decently melodic, but speed is definitely the dominating aspect, though several keyboard and/or guitar solos highlight some of the songs.

The comparison to the Italian style doesn't end with the musical side though, as vocalist Christopher Ripoll has a high voice similar to many of the vocalists from Italy. He has a good and clear voice too, that's well suited for a power metal band. I should mention that vocalist Rubén Picazo was originally with this band, but he left before this CD was recorded and is now with the band Cain's Dinasty, who currently have one full-length CD 'Legacy of blood'. Anyway, I prefer Christopher's vocals, especially for Delirion specifically.

Although the CD contains tons of speed, the slow track 6 "The light of your eyes" provides a nice break from the excitement and is one of the songs I always look forward to. The remainder of the songs are all good to great and the CD is very consistent. Sure, it's lacking originality, but as far as power metal goes, it's a well-executed start from a promising new band. So this is certainly recommended to power metal fans who like a lot of speed.




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