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Dawn of Destiny - Human fragility 4/5

Reviewed: 2-1-10


1. Decadence of a heart
2. Silent suffering
3. Unborn child
4. In a heartless world
5. Learning to fly
6. A better time to come
7. Human fragility
8. Destiny unknown
9. Ten plagues of Egypt
10. Dying alone
11. Blown away
12. End of pain
13. One heart
14. Unchained someday
15. For love

Dawn of Destiny is a lightly symphonic power metal band from Germany and this is their 3rd studio CD. Their songs are generally fast, dense, crunchy, guitar-driven upbeat power metal. There is a nice diversity in their song structures, but most of them feature interplay between passages of midtempo crunchy guitar-driven riffs and really fast bombastic drumming overlaid with extremely catchy and memorable choruses. There are keys, but they are sparse and mainly atmospheric and often accompany the infrequent but exquisitely well-placed slower and more poignant passages. Their music is similar to older Nightwish and older Lunatica at their most epic, but Dawn of Destiny is much higher energy than either of those bands.

Their female vocalist, Tanja Maul, is one of the best female vocalists in metal today. She sings with incredible power and emotion, with a soaring, confident, often penetrating soprano delivery that still simply amazes me, even after many dozens of listens to their discography – she is nearly without equal in her ability to combine an extremely expressive musicality with such control and authority. There are occasional death and clean male vocals as well, adding a nice dose of aggression and variety, respectively, to the songs.

Although this is a crowded genre not often known for originality, Dawn of Destiny stand out with their uncanny ability to write fresh, engaging songs filled with enthusiasm and surprising variety, while maintaining the catchy accessibility expected from power metal. Indeed, their previous CD, ‘Rebellion in heaven’, was my favorite CD of 2008 and it continues to amaze me with its unprecedented blend of fierce almost thrashy power metal and spine-tingling catchy choruses – so how does ‘Human fragility’ compare in quality? It is a worthy successor, but the songwriting doesn’t quite reach the almost magically engaging passion of ‘Rebellion in heaven’; nevertheless, ‘Human fragility’ is one of the strongest CDs of 2009 and it is essential for any fan of female vocal power metal.




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