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Dawn of Destiny - Rebellion in heaven 4.5/5

Reviewed: 10-10-08


1. Angel without wings
2. Ending dream
3. Days of crying
4. Tears
5. Last day
6. Rain
7. Save us
8. Lost
9. In between
10. Inquisition
11. Heaven's falling down
12. Perceive me
13. Unexpected guest
14. Where are you now

It was only one year ago (almost to the day) that I reviewed the debut 'Begins' from Germany's Dawn of Destiny, so it's surprising to me that I'm already reviewing their 2nd CD 'Rebellion in heaven' (released through Shark Records, who also released their debut). Those who read my review for 'Begins' and hopefully grabbed the CD, know that it's an excellent female fronted power metal CD with symphonic and gothic elements.

Well, little did we know that the band was going to take a strong step forward just one year later, as that's exactly what they've done here. Simply put, 'Rebellion in heaven' is a near masterpiece that has impressed me in every way possible. We get everything with this CD, as it contains tons of speed, heavy/catchy riffs, guitar solos at just the right time, a slight gothic edge on occasion, symphonic highlights (the piano/keyboard parts are perfectly intermixed), magnificent choruses, a few death ("beast") vocals, and an amazing performance from Tanja Maul, who sounded great on the debut, but sounds even better on this CD.

While Tanja still comes off as a blend of Anette Blyckert of Nightwish and Andrea Datwyler of Lunatica, she leaves them in the dust with her high yet strong, passionate, clear and confident voice, which has a lot of range. Plus, she's easily recognizable and truly sets herself apart on this CD. I absolutely love her voice, especially in the phenominal choruses, and now consider her to be up there with the best of them.

Musically, the band has stayed close to the style of their debut 'Begins', but perhaps this CD leans even more towards pure power metal. One thing's for sure, the music is powerful, upbeat, aggressive, catchy, exciting, and the symphonic and gothic elements bring in the perfect amount of variety. Though there are 14 songs, none of them sound just like another one, and seriously, would you believe me if I told you that every single song on this CD was awesome? That's right folks, 'Rebellion in heaven' leaves out everything that's weak, boring or even average. The songwriting is very crisp and it's simply amazing how the entire band has evolved in just one year.

Are you ready for me to pick my favorite songs? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but that's impossible, and it would be kinda like picking my favorite M&M's after just eating an entire bag. Hehehe... yeah, any song on this CD could be the best song on most other power metal CDs out there. So do what ever you can to grab this CD right away, as it comes with a very high recommendation.




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