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Dawn of Destiny - Praying to the world 4.5/5

Reviewed: 7-1-12


1. My life lies in ruins
2. The right path
3. Miracles
4. Place of mercy
5. Misunderstood
6. Promised land
7. Another pain
8. My four walls
9. Beast human
10. Bleeding me
11. One last word
12. This aching heart
13. Praying to the world
14. In another time
15. Different world

Dawn of Destiny is a lightly symphonic power metal band from Germany and this is their 4th studio CD. They continue in the same vein as their previous CDs with their signature blend of dynamic power metal and extremely catchy, memorable choruses. The power metal is generally fast, heavy and crunchy, and features a noticeably more prominent use of keys than their previous CDs did. The arrangements are usually a dense, busy, epic tapestry of changing riffs and guitar melodies with pervasive epic symphonic keys. Dawn of Destiny has always had a knack for writing catchy choruses that stick in your head for days after listening to a song, and ‘Praying to the world’ is no different; indeed, one needs to go back to their masterpiece, ‘Rebellion in heaven’ to find anything better, and that’s saying a lot.

They have a new female vocalist, Jeanette Scherff, who replaced Tanja Maul from the first 3 CDs. Tanja was one of my all-time favorite singers with her extraordinary passion, enthusiasm and sheer power of delivery; so how does Jeanette compare? Though similar in style to Tanja, Jeanette does not bring the same level of power and musicality to the songs; that said, she has a warm, enthusiastic, engaging style somewhere between alto and soprano, and certainly has enough power to stay out in front of the bombast of Dawn of Destiny’s arrangements. There are much more male vocals on ‘Praying to the world’, for the first time introducing frequent clean vocals; these vocals are pleasant and earnest, with a timbre that makes for some beautiful harmonies with Jeanette. The excellent fierce death vocals are also more prominent than on previous CDs.

Dawn of Destiny seems to have an endless supply of fresh, captivatingly memorable musical ideas, especially hooky riffs and amazing choruses; indeed, in terms of overall songwriting this may well be their best CD to date. Though Tanja will be missed, the diversity in vocals they’ve introduced fits the songwriting very well and opens new horizons of contrast and harmony. It goes without saying that ‘Praying to the world’ is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys accessible high-energy power metal.




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