Dark Moor - Beyond the sea 3.5/5

Reviewed: 4-1-05


1. Before the duel
2. Miracle
3. Houdini's the great escapade
4. Through the gates of the silver key (Interlude)
5. The silver key
6. Green eyes
7. Going on
8. Beyond the sea
9. Julius Caesar (Interlude)
10. Alea Jacta

This is Dark Moorís 2nd CD since parting ways with half the band, the other half of which has become the excellent Dreamaker. Itís really very impressive that a band could split and produce 2 equally excellent bands; it really goes to show how much talent was in the original version of Dark Moor. The most recent CD, the self titled 'Dark Moor' was my favorite CD of the band so far, so I was very much looking forward to this CD.

I could sum this up very quickly by saying that 'Beyond the sea' does not disappoint and that would be a statement on how solid this CD is. Dark Moor seems incapable of making an average or below CD and they maintain that here. That said, 'Beyond the sea' isnít quite at the level of the previous CD. The melodies arenít quite as strong and the classical interludes, which I like so much, arenít found as often. This is still a very strong CD, however. Tracks like the title track and "The silver key" are exceptional. "Going on" and "Alea Jacta" are very good and there isnít an average or below track to be found here. There is a bonus track, an instrumental version of Vivaldiís "Winter" from 'The four seasons' which is good but not stunning.

This CD presents the classic dilemma of being slightly disappointing while still being very, very good. It is only disappointing in that it is very good but not quite to the exceptional level of itís predecessor. While 'Dark Moor' would be my recommended starting point for this band, 'Beyond the sea' is a very fine CD and no-one would go wrong by getting this for their first CD by the band.




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