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Dark Illusion - Where the eagles fly 3.5/5

Reviewed: 12-18-09


1. My heart cries out for you
2. Dark journey
3. Land of street survivor
4. Pay the price
5. Destiny's call
6. Evil masquerade
7. Running out of time
8. Spellbound
9. Only the strong will survive
10. Epic

Following 2005's 'Beyond the shadows', Dark Illusion is back with their 2nd CD 'Where the eagles fly'. For those who are unfamiliar with the debut - Dark Illusion plays 80s-inspired heavy/power metal, with a few passages into hard rock, and their vocalist is Thomas Vikstrom, who is known for his part in Stormwind, Candlemass and others. This 2nd CD is very much like the debut, so those who have the debut, know that nothing has changed too much, as far as both the style of the music and the vocals.

Despite any major changes, I think this CD is a bit better than the debut, mostly because it's more consistently great and the songs flow together quite well. There are some soaring chorusus, the rhythms are simple yet catchy, guitar solos pop up at just the right moment, and basically, the songwriting is very crisp overall. In addition, most of the songs are fairly fast, creating an exciting listening experience that's easy to come back to. Actually, unlike the debut, which contained a few ballads, this CD is without even one ballad. Though the difference is slight, the band is definitely going in a more upbeat direction, and they're succeeding.

So we have a strong 2nd CD from a band that already had a very good debut under their belt. The reality is that this CD has continued where then debut left off, even though it was released 4 years ago. Both of the band's CDs are better than any of Stormwind's CDs and they certainly deserve some notice, as their music is great heavy/power metal of today, while still containing influences from the metal of the 80s.




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