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Dakrua - Shifting realities 4/5

Reviewed: 3-4-05


1. Ephemerae
2. Frozen sun
3. The waiting
4. Deceive me
5. Of life and will
6. Divine masquerade
7. Dawn over
8. Seas of silence
9. Not mine
10. The outer void
11. Wasted words

This is the 2nd CD from Dakrua and it was released in 2002, but I have a feeling that few know how good this CD really is. After some recommendations from highly respected "metalheads", I decided to seriously look into the band. With music samples not found anywhere, I took a chance and grabbed it anyway. Let me just say that it has definitely payed off! The wierd thing is, I've seen many references to Dakrua being in the gothic metal style, but I feel like the band would suit fans of power metal or even progressive metal better. The majority of the songs are exciting (not dark) and should surely please power metal fans. But there's also a progressive feel on some songs to lure all the progressive metal fans in, yet not enough to detour lovers of power metal.

As if the music isn't strong enough by itself, we get an exceptional female vocalist to perfect the bands sound. You won't hear operatic soprano vocals, nor will you hear really deep vocals. What we get from Eva Rondinelli is a very powerful voice right in the middle! Fans of any style of metal should go nuts over what Eva has done. The refreshing and original vocals alone are worth any price you'll see for this CD. There are also some occasional male vocals from William Quattrone, sometimes clear, sometimes rough, but very little overall.

So as we kick-off with track 1 "Ephemerae", there is a slight gothic metal feel, mostly because it's mid-paced and has some rougher "beast" (male) vocals, but it's still not as dark as most of the bands labeled gothic metal. Track 2 "Frozen sun" is great all-around, but track 3 "The waiting" is awesome! This song will grab hold of most power and progressive metal fans for sure. The symphonic track 4 "Deceive me" and track 6 "Of life and will" are very good, as are the crunchier track 8 "Seas of silence" and track 10 "The outer void". Track 5 "Of life and will" leans a bit too much to the progressive side for me, but is made up for by the outstanding final track 11 "Wasted words" sung by William.

There are very few CDs that can be a part of such a wide variety of metal styles. Being a huge power metal fan, this CD has done far more than satisfy. But fans of progressive metal, melodic metal, gothic metal and symphonic metal should like this CD as well. There is something for everyone on this, and how often can we say that?




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