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By Blood Alone - Thunderbirds 3/5

Reviewed: 7-1-11


1. Drive all night
2. Night terrors
3. I bleed
4. Having tea
5. Stalking
6. Thunderbirds
7. Misfit

I reviewed By Blood Alone's debut 'Seas of blood' a few years ago and I remember how intriguing it was at first, and how promising I felt it was after many listens. Now the band is back with their 2nd CD 'Thunderbirds' and in every way it continues where the debut left off, including the return of female vocalist Cruella and her soft voice. Musically, their style still comes off as a blend of gothic metal and traditional/heavy metal, and an argument could easily be made that they have a progressive edge. Their overall sound is very light, pleasant, and actually leans more towards rock than aggressive heavy metal. Therefore, most of the CD is slow/mid-paced and there aren't really a lot of moments of all-out speed, so for anyone to thoroughly enjoy the band, they need to understand and accept the band's soothing yet melodic approach.

Just like the debut, there aren't many songs (only 7, and there are only 8 on the debut), but they're all long and the CD's running length is normal. In addition, the keys are upfront in the mix and just like I felt about the debut, this aspect will either be deterring or welcoming, depending on individual tastes. For me personally, I like the keys, as the somewhat simple rhythms and lengthy songs might be on the boring side without the addition of keys. I will add that the CD's production is nicely done, so I truly feel that everything is balanced and there are no issues with the mixing of the keys.

The CD has a great start, as the opening track "Drive all night" is fairly upbeat, and features a terrific guitar solo and a soaring chorus. Track 2 "Night terrors" has a definite gothic feel, but is also good. Track 3 "I bleed" however, isn't one of my favorites, as the combination of slow-paced and extra-long (about 10 minutes) isn't appealing, though the song does pick up near the end. Track 4 "Having tea" is another good song, track 5 "Stalking" is the catchiest (probably my favorite) and track 6 "Thunderbirds" is quite memorable. The closer "Misfit" hits me as the most emotional and it's a fine end to a fairly consistent CD.

The best thing this band has going for them is that they're unique. I've failed at coming up with some direct band comparisons, so for those looking for something different in the female fronted world, this band might be just what you're looking for. Obviously, those who have and really like the debut can grab this CD blindly.




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