Bride Adorned - Blessed stillness? 3/5

Reviewed: 5-26-06


1. Killing frost
2. Blessed stillness?
3. Bridewell
4. Nexus divina
5. Otherworldly
6. Through the haze
7. Ivory towers fall
8. From last haven
9. Reminiscences & premonitions
10. The grey eminence
11. The sojourn

Bride Adorned's debut 'Blessed stillness?' was actually released in late 2004, but strict and/or poor distribution (at least from what I've seen) has left this band fairly unknown. The band is from Finland, but their music is very much in the symphonic power metal style of the popular Italian bands like Rhapsody, Holy Knights and Thy Majestie. I'm also reminded of Six Magics from Chile and Divinefire from Sweden, so you will hear an epic style and plenty of choirs with Bride Adorned. They're truly caught somewhere in the middle of symphonic power metal and this is surely a good thing in my mind, as it's not like we get bombarded with bands in this style.

Although Bride Adorned is easily comparable to the many mentioned bands, there are some slight differences. Vocally, while Tuomas Nieminem is decent (reminds me a lot of Enzo "Vincent" Caruso from the Italian band Arachnes), I think he's at the bottom of the list of vocalists from these other bands. Musically, the production is solid and there are plenty of more than satisfying moments, but many of the songs don't grab me like they should. The songs are all at a consistent "above average" level, but a lack of memorability is in existence, and this is actually the same problem I have with the band Six Magics. Both of Six Magics' CDs (what they've released up to this point) are over the top and wash over me. 'Blessed stillness?' isn't quite to that extreme, but the CD's missing highlights and although it's very listenable, I may have a hard time returning to it on a regular bases.

Bride Adorned is definitely a band we need to watch out for, and 'Blessed stillness?' is probably a worthwhile and recommended purchase for fans of the mentioned symphonic power metal bands, especially those who are into Six Magics. But if you're expecting a CD as great as some of the best we've heard from Rhapsody and Thy Majestie, some disappointment will exist. So let's remember this is only Bride Adorned's debut and hope they explode with an excellent follow-up sometime in the near future.




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