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Braveride - Rise of the dragonrider 3.5/5

Reviewed: 7-1-12


1. At the village
2. A place of shadows
3. Heroes' ode
4. Ruin of disaster
5. At enemies' borders
6. For the fallen
7. Shifles the griffin
8. Dragonrider
9. A piece of peace
10. The great mountain

Braveride is a Greek epic metal band that was formed way back in 2004, released their debut 'Heroic deeds' in 2006, and this 2nd CD 'Rise of the Dragonrider' follows 6 years later. They're comparable to bands like Battleroar, Wotan, Manowar, Sacred Blood, Crom, Holy Martyr and Doomsword, but they're a very melodic band, and many of the melodies will bring bands to mind like Warlord, Lordian Guard and Martiria.

While 'Heroic deeds' is just okay, this 2nd CD is a lot better. Although the band's main style is epic metal, they have power metal and folk metal elements, especially with this 2nd CD. There's a flute present on some of the songs, and that's a really refreshing addition to the style. In addition, while some songs from the mentioned bands (comparisons) plod along at either a slow or mid-paced tempo, this CD has some flashes of speed, kinda recalling early Rhapsody. These moments of speed are great, and provide even more of a variety.

Vocally, the band is fronted by Alexandros Koromilas, and he fits the style perfectly. There are also female (soprano) vocals, and they're provided by Gaby Koss (ex-Haggard). Along with the addition of the flute, the female vocals add a special dimension to this CD and the style in general. For me personally, I love the female vocals and it's definitely been one of the things I've liked the most about this CD.

The production has some flaws (the drums are a bit weak - especially the snare, for a quick example), but those who are familiar with bands like Warlord and Lordian Guard should know what to expect. Besides, the songwriting is really good, and that is what's most important in the end. So what we have is a CD that's recommended to epic metal fans, especially those who can welcome the use of a flute and the addition of female vocals.




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