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Bare Infinity - Always forever 4/5

Reviewed: 9-4-09


1. Initium
2. Lost again
3. Bare Infinity
4. Always forever part I
5. Escape
6. The crying shore
7. I dream of you
8. Serenity
9. This silence
10. Always forever part II
11. Here I come
12. Thrill neverending

Bare Infinity is a band from Greece that was formed in 2003, recorded a few demos, and 'Always forever' is their full-length debut, which was released this year. Their style, both musically and vocally, is one that I'm very familiar with - that being female fronted melodic/symphonic power metal. The CD does have a slightly gothic side at times, and it's also quite atmospheric throughout its majority, but it mostly consists of upbeat melodic/symphonic power metal.

Vocally, the band is fronted by the excellent Angel (with no last name given), but unlike what you're probably expecting, her voice is not high-pitched or operatic, and instead is in the mid-to-low range. Basically, her vocals are closer to alto than soprano, so she's not only an excellent vocalist, she also offers up a somewhat fresh approach to the style. There are also some male/death vocals that creep into some of the songs, and track 6 "The crying shore", track 8 "Serenity" and track 10 "Always forever part II" are the most notable occurences. I wouldn't go as far as to call the band's vocal style "beauty and the beast" however, as Angel greatly dominates.

With tastes that lie mostly within the realm of power metal, I've been very pleased with the amount of speed on this CD, which easily satisfies. There are a lot of mid-paced/bouncy parts too though, so this is not a CD where one particular pace leads the way. Not only is the tempo well balanced, the guitar work is catchy, the symphonic elements are really nice, and with the vocals being of excellent quality (there are some wonderful choruses, by the way), everything is in place to create an outstanding CD, which is exactly what this debut is.

For overall band comparisons for Bare Infinity, think of Visions of Atlantis, Edenbridge, Nightwish, Rosa Ignea, Dreamer, Overdream, Sphinx, Arya, Enter Twilight and Adrana. In fact, 'Always forever' is of such high quality, that fans of these bands can probably plan on grabbing this CD blindly. I'm that confident in its ability to impress fans of female fronted melodic/symphonic power metal, and I would be surprised if fans of the style didn't find many aspects of it enjoyable. Highly recommended!




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