Axiom - Truths denied 3/5

Reviewed: 9-1-13


1. Truths denied
2. never die
3. Human race
4. Red eyes
5. Dawn is coming
6. Scar
7. Seven steps to the grave
8. State of grace
9. A revolution inside
10. Keep the rain

Axiom is an Italian band that originally began as a side-project for members of the symphonic power metal band Landguard, whose status is currently unknown. Axiom's style is very different however, as it's progressive power metal with a modern twist and they already have a solid debut 'A moment of insanity', so 'Truths denied' is their 2nd CD.

Musically, Axiom is comparable to other Italian progressive power metal bands like No Gravity, Replosion and Another Destiny Project, with influences from Wonderland (man I miss this band, and I hope we hear from them again one day), Night Cloud, Concept, Helreid/Helreidh, Labyrinth, and so on. They do a fantastic job of providing enough progressive metal and enough power metal to appeal to fans of both genres, though there are a lot of keys, which will be either good or bad depending on your own personal tastes.

I think the band is outstanding musically, but I find the vocals to be really frustrating, as there's a mix that I just can't seem to get into. For starters, there are clean male vocals that are typical of an Italian progressive power metal band, but there are also horrendous male extreme/aggressive shouted vocals, and the vocalists almost seem to be dueling. It's a shame, as there is so much to like about this CD, and come to think of it, there have been a bunch of progressive and/or power metal CDs released the last few years with added extreme/aggressive male vocals, and I simply hate it - I don't think it works to have a clean progressive/power metal vocalist interrupted by awful extreme/aggressive vocals. I feel the only time a similar contrast works is with the "beauty and the beast" vocal style (Epica, Sirenia, etc.), and that's usually with a female opera vocalist and a male death metal vocalist, which is quite different than what's heard on this CD.

On a positive note, the CD ends with an absolutely wonderful slow song with ONLY clean male vocals and also some lovely female vocals. Still, the CD as a whole leaves me with mixed feelings and frustration - most of the time. To clear things up even more, I'd give this CD a 4/5 musically, but a 2/5 vocally (only that high because I like the clean male and female vocals), therefore ending up with a 3/5 rating.




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