At Vance - Only human 4/5

Reviewed: 5-27-05


1. The time has come
2. Only human
3. Take my pain
4. Fly to the rainbow
5. Hold your fire
6. Four seasons/Spring
7. Take me away
8. Time
9. Solfeggietto
10. Sing this song
11. Witches dance
12. Wings to fly (bonus track)
13. I surrender (bonus track)

At Vance's 4th CD is definitely their best, so far. While its predecessor, 'Dragonchaser', seemed to be rushed, 'Only human' doesn't have a rushed feel to it at all. 'Only Human' is At Vance's most consistent CD yet and is a definite step forward for the band.

Part of the reason that 'Dragonchaser' seemed rushed was that the centerpieces of the CD were remakes of ABBA and Beethoven tracks. While there are 3 remakes on this CD, they feel like afterthoughts to the other 10 tracks on the CD. The remakes are Vivaldi's "Spring" (from 'The four seasons' suite), Bach's "Solfeggietto", and Rainbow's "I surrender". Noticeably missing is an ABBA remake, as this is the first At Vance CD without one. I suspect the change was made so that people don't think of At Vance solely for their ABBA remakes; this is unfortunate, as an ABBA track is sorely missing here. Among the tracks written by At Vance members, guitarist Olaf Lenk is, again, the primary songwriter, having written all the original tracks other than the opening track, which was written by vocalist Oliver Hartmann. The standout tracks on the CD are "Only human", "Fly to the rainbow", "Sing this song", and "Witches dance".

While sounding very similar to previous At Vance CDs, 'Only human' stands out as their best. Despite badly missing an ABBA remake, the original tracks on this CD are more consistent and of overall higher quality than on the previous CDs. As you would expect, the musicianship is excellent and At Vance appears to very much be on the way up.




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