Assedium - Fighting for the flame 4/5

Reviewed: 7-25-08


1. Winter is coming
2. The flame
3. Ivanhoe - The knight errant
4. Primal rage
5. White godess
6. Desecration
7. Romanitas
8. Achaean glory
9. Osiris
10. Where seawolves dare

In 2006, I actually was talked into picking up a CD from a new band, Assedium’s 'Rise of the warlords', and I was glad that I did. With the unmistakable flavor of a debut, the band’s fresh energy and true enthusiasm carried out a slightly darker melodic metal, in line with Domine’s first 2 CDs more recently, and over a longer period, classic Omen, Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road and Helstar. The lyrics were pure heaven for me, as the band said, “I sing not of what is mortal, but of what forever lasts!”, as well as songs about Conan and Elric, which I will never get enough of.

The new 2nd CD delivers on all the promise of the first, taking the same style, presence, attitude and lyrics, and sharpens it all with 2 more years of evolved instrumental (and vocal) skill and know-how. The result is a great CD, thoroughly satisfying.

The band apparently felt the need to get me on their side in a big way, because the first song, a brash, glorious epic, “Winter is coming”, is based on the George R.R. Martin 'Saga of fire and ice'. (You’ll get yours Walder Frey!!), while “The flame” picks up the explanation for the CD given on the back, about those who let the flame of inspiration and passion die, or lie dormant, versus those who fight for it. With titles like “Ivanhoe”, “Achaean glory”, “Osiris”, and “Romanitas”, you know the band is 100% on their lyrical game, although it’s “Primal rage” where the band dips back into obscurity, with a song about a 20-year-old mo-cap arcade game about fighting dinosaurs.

The music is just solid, powerful, slightly dark metal, and people who worship at the altar of Omen and Helstar should love it. Vocalist Luca "Fils" Cicero fills his role even better than before, the piercing passion honed into even better skill. All in all, just a great metal CD.




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