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Armonight - Tales from the heart 3.5/5

Reviewed: 3-1-13


1. Into the deepest dream
2. With your knife
3. Dancing with ghosts
4. Always by your side
5. I will be there (For you)
6. When you see me cry
7. Coraline
8. Once more
9. Rainy days
10. A kiss in the snow

Armonight is a female fronted band from Italy that was formed in 2008. They released their debut 'Suffering and passion' in 2010, and its style is gothic metal with some symphonic elements. So this is another one of those fairly typical female fronted symphonic/gothic metal bands. While nothing absolutely blew me away with the debut, it's a catchy CD with a good amount of heaviness and the band's vocalist, Sy (with no last name given), has a great voice that's not high-pitched or operatic, and she instead fits nicely into the mid-range.

'Tales from the heart' is therefore the band's 2nd CD, and it was released in 2012. A few things have stood out right away with this CD, when compared to the debut. For starters, the CD has more of a polished and mature sound, especially regarding the crisp songwriting, though the songwriting on the debut is strong too. Sy once again sounds great, and suits the band's musical style perfectly. What stands out the most however, is that this CD is lighter than 'Suffering and passion'. In fact, much of it could be considered gothic rock as opposed to gothic metal, and there are even some moments that remind me of Evanescence. Nothing really wrong with this, unless you're someone who likes your female fronted gothic music extra-heavy, and that usually includes myself.

So what we have here is yet another female fronted band, but with 2 CDs that are well done - each of which has aspects that I enjoy; I like the heaviness of the debut (and it's also a bit catchier to me), but a smooth and enjoyable 2nd CD that's on the lighter side, though quite memorable. The highlight on this CD is probably the slow tracks 6 "When you see me cry" and track 8 "Once more", as Sy's vocals are truly wonderful and both could easily be a hit for many fans of female fronted bands. In the end, I feel this is a competitive band in the massive female fronted world, and both of their CDs are worthwhile purchases, for sure.




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