Angra - Rebirth 4.5/5

Reviewed: 3-8-02


1. In excelsis
2. Nova era
3. Millenium sun
4. Acid rain
5. Heroes of sand
6. Unholy wars
7. Rebirth
8. Judgement day
9. Running alone
10. Visions prelude

Like Rob Halford's 'Resurrection', this is a dazzling and appropriately named CD. While the mild decay of Angra since 'Angels cry', coupled with the whole Andre leaving thing, I had very little expectations or interest in this CD until I heard people raving about it, and I'm glad I listened. A truly inspired piece of work, a glorious, soaring, majestic platter of pure, neo-classical metal! While some have said that this represents a much more traditional, straight forward metal CD, and that is certainly true in light of 'Fireworks' and especially 'Holy land', it still has that unique, special flavor of Angra in the sumptuous classical themes, influences, and touches. This is not going to be mistaken for Guardians of Time, Sinergy, etc. But as it should, it takes both the metal and the classical music to a higher, more inspired level.

Finally, finally, a band has replaced a great vocalist with a vocalist who is truly his equal, if not better, in Eduardo Falaschi. While we hear bands TALK about that all the time, it seems almost every example I can think of is some degree of a step-down, but in every way, Eduardo truly does improve on what Andre brought to the table, at least compared to the last two CDs, and even challenges 'Angels cry', which I wouldn't have thought possible. He just sounds so much more powerful in his voice than Andre did, whose work with Angra always seemed just a little too close to the falsetto, while Eduardo carries out the beautiful melodies with true, impressive power.

This could well be the best Angra CD ever, and the only competition is 'Angels cry', so for anyone who wants to enjoy a triumphant melding of classical with really powerful metal, this is an absolute essential!




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