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Angelida - La liga onirica 4/5

Reviewed: 9-1-12


1. La liga onirica
2. El escapista
3. Alguien
4. Creo
5. La gran hazana
6. La liga onirica (orchestral version)
7. El escapista (orchestral version)
8. Alguien (orchestral version)
9. Creo (orchestral version)
10. La gran hazana (orchestral version)

Angelida is a band from Spain that was formed in 2006. They released their debut 'Decanimae' in 2007, their 2nd CD 'La ciudad de los pajaros' in 2010, and 'La liga onirica' is their 3rd CD, which was released this year. All 3 are self-released, and I hadn't even heard of the band until a few months ago, but after hearing samples, I immediately purchased all of their CDs directly from the band (for great prices). I'm glad I did, and am happy to introduce the band to all of you.

As you've probably noticed, this is a Spanish-language band, and for the most part they're female fronted, but there are guest vocalists on this CD. The main vocalist is Alodia Martin, who joined the band in 2008 (after the debut was released). Silvia Ladrero is also one of the vocalists on this CD, and she was actually the main vocalist on the debut. Both are great, fitting nicely in the mid-range, so there aren't any operatic vocals, nor are there any male death/black vocals, though there are clean male vocals on some songs (mostly track 3 "Alguien" and track 5 "La gran hazana"), from some of the guest vocalists.

Musically, the band blends gothic metal, power metal and symphonic metal, with a variety of tempo that should please fans of all 3 styles. For me personally, the blend of styles is absolutely perfect, and a few bands have popped in my head as comparisons; popular bands like Nightwish, After Forever and Epica, but Pythia is a really good comparison too, and there are also similarities to Within Temptation's brilliant 'The silent force'. However, because of the Spanish lyrics and the blend of styles, I'm reminded a lot of Fortaleza, though Angelida is a lot more symphonic and a lot less folky.

As for the band's quality, the debut 'Decanimae' and 2nd CD 'La ciudad de los pajaros' are very good, but 'La liga onirica' is thoroughly excellent and it's definitely their best in all areas, especially regarding songwriting and also the production, which is really powerful. The ingredients have been in place since the band's beginning, but this particular CD is extra impressive, even though I'd easily recommend all 3 CDs to fans of Spanish-language female fronted gothic/power/symphonic metal.

My favorite song is track 4 "Creo", which is an absolute monster, and it's followed by the 10-minute "La gran hazana", which has some speed (like most of the songs) and it's actually the last original song on the CD, as track 6 through track 10 are orchestral versions of the first 5 songs. They're not instrumentals (the vocals are still present), but are just without guitars/metal and are slowed down a bit. I personally like the first 5 (metal) songs by far, as they're catchier and more powerful, though the orchestral versions are nice if I'm in the right mood.

Sadly, I think there are a lot of metal fans who are unaware of Angelida, and they deserve a lot more recognition, for sure. Hopefully this 3rd CD will be heard by metal fans all over the world, as it's at the level of Fortaleza's CDs and easily competitive with the many other female fronted bands out there, even the popular bands I listed as comparisons.




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