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Ancient Myth - Akashic 3.5/5

Reviewed: 2-1-13


1. Ashes and crowns
2. rw-rw-rw-
3. Shade in dusk
4. Drops of Le Terrazze sul
5. Force of the // fifth
6. Afterglow
7. Brynhidr
8. Against the fate
9. Shanti snow month, the mysterious
10. Soul salvation

Ancient Myth is a Japanese band that was formed way back in 2002, but they spent years in the demo stage and didn't release their full-length debut 'Astrolabe in your heart' until 2010, and this 2nd CD 'Akashic' was released in 2012. They're a symphonic power metal band fronted by female vocalist Michal, and both of their CDs are sung in Japanese. So basically, they're another one of those new female fronted Japanese power metal bands.

While most of the new bands of this kind have an extremely high-pitched vocalist, Michal has more variety to her voice, though she's still mostly in the higher range. I personally find her to be exceptional, especially regarding the flow of her vocals. She kinda has her own thing going, and there's no doubt that I could instantly pick her out of a room full of vocalists. If you're looking for a fairly unique female vocalist, this band (and specifically Michal) might be perfect for you.

The band's symphonic power metal style reminds me a lot of Dragon Guardian, though from what I've heard, both of Ancient Myth's CDs are better than anything Dragon Guardian has done thus far - even though they've currently released 6 full-length CDs, a number of EPs, and even some collaborations with Knights of Round. Another band that has popped up in my head as a comparison is Italian band Skylark, and specifically their most recent CDs with female vocalists. Like Skylark, Ancient Myth has a lightly symphonic sound and a somewhat similar production style (not a "huge" production a la recent Nightwish).

Even though there are a lot of new female fronted Japanese power metal bands like this, Ancient Myth sounds a bit different than most, and something about their vocalist and songwriting simply clicks with me. So I consider them a promising band with a bright future, and they're certainly worth checking out if you're one of those metal fans who has found the onslaught of female fronted Japanese power metal bands intriguing.




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