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Ajedra - Secrets of the mirrors 3.5/5

Reviewed: 8-1-10


1. On the wings of dawn
2. Mysterious dreams
3. Forgetfulness and snow
4. Theater of pain and tears
5. The silence of the angels
6. Thunderstorm heart
7. Mirror of secrets
8. Snow storm
9. The master of Ardor
10. I'll come at dawn
11. Dream wanderer

Looking at the cover artwork, you'd probably guess that this CD is thrash, but you'd be wrong. 'Secrets of the mirrors' is the 2nd CD from the Russian band Ajedra (following their debut 'Servants of a dream'), and their style is most definitely power metal. Both of their CDs are sung in Russian (the title and tracklist are translated), and they're not unlike many other Russian-language power metal bands. So they belong in the group that contains Epidemia, Arda, Retriem, Reanimacia, Kolizey, Callisto, Decuman Wave, Charizma, Korsika, Bastion of Destiny, Arktida and so on.

Their debut 'Servants of a dream' is a solid and thoroughly enjoyable power metal CD with some symphonic highlights (there's a decent amount of keys), and 'Secrets of the mirrors' continues where the debut left off, but is a bit better. Although there is plenty of speed present, there are also some very nice slow parts that are well done. Overall, it's a smooth, melodic and consistent CD that maintains my interest throughout, and it really is a small but definite step up from the debut as far as songwriting.

The band's vocalist, Dmitry Palkin, has a clear/great voice and he's quite similar to the vocalists from the many mentioned bands. The band has 2 guitarists (Roman Romanovskiy and Llya Ovchinnikov), so there are numerous catchy rhythms and terrific guitar solos. In fact, one of the best songs on the CD is the instrumental "Thunderstorm heart" (track 6). There are also some guest musicians, who provide a flute, violin and saxophone, bringing Catharsis to mind, but these instruments aren't used a lot and the CD overall is fairly standard power metal, but of great quality.

So what we have here is a competitive Russian-language power metal band with 2 CDs that are surely recommended to fans of the language/style. This includes me, so I'm glad I got into this band.




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