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Age of Artemis - Overcoming limits 4/5

Reviewed: 5-1-12


1. What lies behind
2. Echoes within
3. Mystery
4. Take me home
5. Truth in your eyes
6. Break up the chains
7. One last cry
8. You'll see
9. God, kings and fools
10. Till the end

Brazilian power metal. For the most part, it seems to have a signature sound, and I usually can notice right away if a power metal band is from Brazil. This was the case with Age of Artemis and their full-length debut 'Overcoming limits'. The CD contains many of the Brazilian elements and shares many of the similarities with other excellent Brazilian power metal bands, and this is a good thing of course.

For starters, vocalist Alirio Netto is your typical Brazilian vocalist, with a slight accent and clear voice, and he'll be more than satisfying to fans of the style. For a quick comparison, I will mentioned that he's not as high-pitched as the popular Andre Matos, yet can match his range. There are a few guest vocalists, some really memorable choruses, and as a whole, the vocal department on this CD is truly excellent.

The CD was produced by Edu Falaschi, ex-Symbols and current Angra vocalist. What a production it is too, with plenty of power in the guitars, the perfect volume level of drumming (from Pedro Senna), and an overall crisp sound. There are very little keys, but there are 2 rhythm guitarists (Nathan Grego and Gabriel "T-Bone" Soto), as well as a bassist (Giovanni Sena). The guitar work is nothing short of fantastic, with catchy rhythms and superb solos, throughout the entire CD. While there are some progressive moments, the CD leans more towards power metal than a lot of CDs from similar bands, and there's surely plenty of speed. There are a few really nice slow parts (ballad style) too, and they fit well on the CD.

Regarding similar bands, I'd put Age of Artemis in the group that contains Angra, Endless, Sagga (Holy), Shaman, Hangar, Glory Opera, Aquaria, Almah, Eyes of Shiva, Symmetrya, Arghon, Silent Moon, etc., though the one CD that this reminds me a lot of is the magnificent 'A dream at the sun' from Endless. That CD has more progressive and symphonic elements, but everything else is extremely similar. I like 'A dream at the sun' a bit more, but this CD hovers around the level of excellent throughout its entirety, and in the end, it's highly recommended to fans of Brazilian power metal, and for those who have and enjoy CDs from the mentioned bands, this can easily be a blind purchase.




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