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Adamantra - Revival 4/5

Reviewed: 7-24-09


1. Shattered
2. Beyond Disillusions
3. Into the fire
4. In triumph
5. Kiss of death
6. For ever
7. Revival
8. Blessed
9. Ungiven

This band is going to appeal to many metal fans. Out of Finland, Adamantra and their full-length debut 'Revival' provide melodic/progressive power metal containing elements that remind me of numerous bands, many of which are quite different from each other. For starters, I hear melodic metal in the style of Cloudscape, Voice, Winterborn, Planet Alliance and Last Tribe. They definitely have a progressive side though, and a number of progressive power metal bands (or fairly pure progressive metal bands) have popped into my head while listening to this, and they include Seventh Wonder, Adagio, Pathosray, Anubis Gate, Kamelot, Mindwarp Chamber, Lanfear, Dreamscape, Vanishing Point, Darkwater, Circus Maximus, Suspyre, Pagan's Mind, Myrath, Eyefear, Serenity, Symphony X and Auvernia.

Adamantra was formed by 3 members of the symphonic power metal band Bride Adorned, who currently have just one CD 'Blessed stillness?', which is solid, and I've reviewed that as well. The 3 members are guitarist Panu Kiskola, bassist Jukka Hoffrén and vocalist Tuomas Nieminen, whose vocals are even better on this debut than they are on the Bride Adorned debut released 5 years ago. Mikko Sepponen is the band's drummer, and he too has experience, as he's the drummer for the spectacular power metal band Olympos Mons. The keys are provided by a few guest musicians, but they're just as much a part of the music as any other instrument. In fact, 'Revival' has its symphonic moments, and with there also being some neo-classical segments, there's a variety present, and thus my large list of band comparisons.

Every song on this CD is a winner. From the speedy opener "Shattered", to the catchy and very heavy track 2 "Beyond Disillusions" (which really reminds me of Cloudscape), all the way through to the awesome closer "Ungiven". I also want to mention that the tempo is similar to the tempo of Seventh Wonder's brilliant 'Mercy Falls', as it's crunchy at times, fast at times, and slower on a few occasions. This is certainly more in the power metal realm than 'Mercy Falls', but also just like that CD, this has plenty of guitar and keyboard solos present, and that's something I always welcome.

By now you should know what to expect with 'Revival'. Whether you're a power metal fan, a progressive metal fan, or simply a melodic metal fan, you'll find a lot to like about this CD. If you're someone who's into all of these styles (like myself), you'll be totally impressed, and I'm confident it will be one of this year's highlights for you.




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