alternative text. Let's Go METS! This is my trial run at a website to chronicle my retirement dream of going to every New York Mets home game at Citi Field for a whole year. This site is to give me a working example of an accessible site for my 2015 trip that friends, family, and curious visitors can follow during my time in New York. Although this version is set up for the 2014 season, I wanted to do a "dry run" and see if the format would be easily navigated and include all of the items I wanted to archive for each game.

After working for the same California company 37 years, I will retire in 2014. Wondering what to do as a retirement goal I thought of the idea to go to every Mets home game for a year. And sit in a different seat each game. And chronicle the experience on my website. So after running the idea through my wife (who approved!) I started the then 3 year process of making my dream a reality. The solid starting date will be when the 2015 Mets schedule gets released in Sept 2014. Then I can finalize dates and travel plans and find a place to live and buy tickets and the whole enchilada!

My love for the New York Mets started on May 11, 1972. That day Willie Mays was traded from the San Francisco Giants to the Mets for $100,000 dollars and a minor league pitcher. Mays did not contribute much production to the Mets but having arguably the greatest player of his generation on the team surely did not hurt. The Mets went on to win the National League pennant in 1973 and lost the World Series to the Oakland Athletics in what would be Willie Mays' last MLB games. I remain a Mets fan to this day [long story here]. 1986 was the only year that my team has ever won it all in baseball. Unfortunately I am a post-1969 Miracle Mets fan. I watch nearly every game on MLB.TV and have only missed a few since 2005.