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Wild Bill's Mother's Day & Father's Day Round-up.


In this Holiday Mini Website, you will find Songs, Adoptions and other web pages and links which are fitting for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Enjoy your visit to Wild Bill's (AKA: Mayor Willie's) Round-up and please sign the guestbook before you leave.


Wild Bill's Stagecoach Ride.


Wild Bill's Saloon


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This RingSurf Mother's Day Net Ring is owned by Wild Bill's Mother's Day and Father's Day Round-up..

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This is my adopted Father's Day 2003 Pixie, Lemuel, and his family, Charlotte (Wife), and Jared (Son) from Enchanted Hollow. This Pixie Family was adopted on June 6th, 2003.


[Mother's Day Songs (Lullabies)]:

1) All the Pretty Little Horses.
2) Brahms' Lullaby.
3) Frere Jacques.
4) Hush Little Baby.
5) Toora Loora Loora.
6) Treasury of Short Lullabies.

a) Little Boy Blue.

b) Rock-a-bye Baby.

c) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.


[Father's Day Songs (Biblical Patriarchs)]:

1) Jacob's Ladder.
2) Rise and Shine.
3) Rock a My Soul in The Bosom of Abraham.
4) Three Jolly Fishermen
5) The Unicorn Song.


Other Songs Fitting for Mother's Day & Father's Day:

Day is Done.
Lemon Tree.
Mama Don't Allow No Music Playin' 'Round Here.
Mommy's Little Baby.
The Marvelous Toy.


[Family & Home]:

Bless This House.
My Grandfather's Clock.
Old Kentucky Home.
Swanee River.
I've Written a Letter to Daddy.
Wait for the Wagon.


Holiday Adoptions:

William & Emilie Wallin Memorial Mothers Day & Fathers Day Art Gallery.


Papi Gulch Wagon Train Leaving for Other Mother's Day and Father's Day Pages on the Internet: (Mother's Day Songs).
Father's Day Songs for Kids to Sing.
The Mother's Day Webring.
Father's Day Webring.
A Free Greeting Card.


Wild Bill's Stagecoach Ride to Other Holiday Sites:

1) Ride to Carol Towne Christmas Site.
2) Ride to April Valley Easter Site.
3) Ride to John Phlip Sousa Patriotic Song Library--July 4th Site.
4) Ride to Charming Billy's Website.
5) Ride to Farmer Bill's Harvest Time.


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